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As a theft deterrent, most all late model Honda vehicles come equipped with an immobilizer ignition system that requires a transponder key to start the vehicle.

The immobilizer system is designed to prevent the vehicle from being started without the owner’s ignition key.
If an attempt is made to start the vehicle with any other key, the immobilizer system disables it from starting.

Your Remote Honda Transponder key.

remote key
Basically your Honda remote transponder key has a chip in it that emits a signal to the vehicles PCM computer.
If the PCM accepts the signal, the car either unlocks or starts, depending upon what the driver is trying to do.

This is not a key you can run down to the hardware store or the home improvement store to replace or duplicate.

Replacement Remote keys.

if you ever need to replace a lost key or just want a spare, Locksmith 2 u riverside can take care of you.

Cutting the key.

locksmith 2 u riverside Department has the latest most advanced equipment to cut a duplicate remote key for your Honda perfectly!

We stock ONLY GENUINE HONDA KEY'S. Made by HONDA...for your HONDA !!
Our Parts Department also has programming devices that can copy the transponder chip signal to SOME applications and program a key from an existing key.
honda key
This style of key is refered to as a Sidewinder key. Named because of the unique sidewinder style cut.
LOTS of applications.
While most of the newer model Hondas have the door and trunk remotes built into the key,
these sidewinder keys while the primary key for most Honda's, can also serve as a secondary key for those vehicles.
Some applications include;
2005-2012 Odyssey, 2005-2011 Element, 2003-2005 Accord
2006-2012 Civic, 2007-2012 CRV, Pilots and S2000's
Some sidewinder keys can be cloned by our Parts Depertment eliminating the need to run your Honda through the service department.
This can save you time...and the expense of programming the PCM.
On your Sidewinder key will be a stamp on the metal part of the key.
(The example in the image indicates an "H" key.)
It will have one of the following.
V - V keys must be programmed by our service department.
H- H keys must be programmed by our service department.
S - S keys can be cloned here in our Parts Department.
F - F keys can be cloned here in our Parts Department.
T5- T5 keys can be cloned here in our Parts Department.
Blank- If the key had no markings it can be cloned here in our Parts Department.
honda transponder key
This style key fits primarily 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 and some 2003 models.
There are some exceptions.
These keys can be "CLONED" by our Parts Department if you need a duplicate made and do not need to be programmed
through the service department. However if you lose all your keys the service department will have to program a new one for you.