In the Taurus, Expedition (before 2018) and Flex the Intelligent Access key slot is to the rear or the side of the console and points up. The key is slipped in vertically or horizontally depending on the slot’s shape, with the buttons facing out

Taurus, Expedition (before 2018) and Flex

In the updated (2018) Expedition, the back up slot is in the front cup holder. There is a two-piece mat at the bottom, and the front piece needs to be pulled away. It is a loose fit and slips out easily. Drop the key fob into the slot with the buttons facing the back of the vehicle

(2018) Expedition

New in 2019, the Transit Connect uses push button start for the first time. The back up slot is also in the cup holder. The rubber mat at the bottom of the cup holders needs to be removed and Ford recommends removing the mechanical key as well. Lay the key fob in the front cup holder with the buttons facing up and the unlock button towards the front of the vehicle

2019, the Transit Connect

The new Ranger compact pick up also uses a cup holder, the rear one. Place the key fob in the cup holder making sure that it is centered and is parallel to the brake handle, as can be seen in the image 


In Explorer, Edge and Fusion models, the slot is found near the Auxiliary, USB and power ports in the center console, like the one shown. The Intelligent Access key is slipped in with the buttons facing out 

Explorer, Edge and Fusion models slot

The 2017 Escape has a new back up location (see below for earlier Escape models),
which is changed again in 2018.

In a 2017 model, place the key fob on the small tray at the front of the center console, as shown in the image to the right. Remove anything that may be placed there

 2017 Escape has a new back up location

In the 2018 Escape and going forward, the back up slot is found in the front cup holder. The bottom is marked with radiating lines meant to indicate radio waves. Remove anything that may be in the cup holder and set the fob inside, as shown in the image at right

2018 Escape

The EcoSport, introduced in 2018, also uses a location in the front of the center console. Drop the fob into the slot with the key ring up and the buttons facing the back


Ford Pick-up line in 2015, and it has two back-up start options. If the shifter is on the steering column, look inside the center console to the rear for the slot. Note that there are two console storage areas. The one needed and shown is beneath the center bench seat.

Ford Pick-up line in 2015

In the F-250 or larger Pick-up, the slot is located beneath the tray to the left of the cup holders in the center console. Remove the tray and the cover from the center console. The slot in the shape of the key fob, or Intelligent Access key, will be exposed.