Free Step-by-Step How To Programming & Memory Clearing Instructions for a 1997-2000 Buick Century Keyless Entry Remote Fob

Verify that this important information is on the back of your remote before using these programming instructions.

Factory Part No(s): 10246215
Also Compatible with Part No(s): 10246216, 10245950, 10245951, 10245952, 10245953

Programming Notes:
Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle.
This procedure will erase all previously programmed remotes.

You must program all existing and new remotes that you wish to use on the vehicle at this time.

Keyless Entry System Memory Clearing Instructions are noted in the dark blue colored steps below.

Step-by-Step How To Programming Instructions:
Close driver’s side door.
Insert key into ignition and turn ignition to ON then back to OFF (ON is the position just shy of starting car without cranking engine)
Remove key from ignition.

Press and hold the UNLOCK switch on drivers door and continue to hold until instructed to release.

Insert key into the ignition (do not turn it) and remove it.
Insert key into the ignition (do not turn it) and remove it.
Insert key into the ignition (do not turn it) and leave it in.

Release the UNLOCK switch on driver’s side door.

Vehicle will respond with three acoustic sounds to indicate successful entry into programming mode.

Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the first remote to be programmed for 15-20 seconds until the vehicle beeps twice indicating successful programming.

Repeat Step 9 for all remaining remotes to be programmed to the vehicle.

Test all remotes.

Programming is now complete.