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1989-1993 Cadillac Allante Keyless Entry Remote Programming Instructions

Step-by-Step Programming Instructions for a 1989-1993 Cadillac Allante Keyless Entry Remote

Verify that this important information is on the the back of your remote before using these programming instructions.

FCC ID: GLQ9Z6-1507, ABO0702T
Factory Part No: 22110689, 10178734, 10269729
Doc Cert No: DOC K505, DOC 218 K903

Programming Notes:
Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle. 

This procedure will erase all previously programmed remotes.

You must program all existing and new remotes that you wish to use on the vehicle at this time. 

The entire programming procedure must be completed within 30 seconds of grounding VAC reprogramming connector (Step 2).  

If the procedure is not completed then start over at Step 1.

Step-by-Step Programming Instructions:

Insert key into ignition and turn it to the ON position.

Do not start the car.

Access programming connector in the trunk of the car.

It will be located next to the latch for the trunk lid.

There will be a single green VAC connector wire.

The connector will not be connected to anything.

Secure a jumper wire or paper clip to jump the connector.

Touch the clip or wire to the inside of the connector and to a bare metal surface of the car to ground the connection.

Locks will cycle from lock to unlock to signal entering on programming mode. 

Press the unlock button on the remote being programmed twice.

Locks will cycle again confirming successful programming.
Repeat this step for additional remotes. 

Remove jumper wire to exit programming mode.

Test all remotes.
Programming is complete.